Meaning: a state, condition


様子(ヨウス): the state of affairs, the situation
様態(ヨウタイ): condition, a state
様式(ヨウシキ): a mode, a manner
一様(イチヨウ)(な/の): uniform, equal
多様(タヨウ)(な): various, diverse
模様(モヨウ): a pattern, a design

xxx様(さま): Mr/Mrs/Ms (a suffix for a name)
様(さま)になる: be in good shape, look sharp

様々(さまさま) : a blessing
The long weekend was a blessing to the souvenir shops.

様々(さまざま)(な): various, all sorts of
外様(とざま): an outsider
生(い)き様(ざま): one’s manner of life
#様 is supposed to be a 形声文字 (one of six types of Chinese character, comprising a semantic and a phonetic element). Its semantic part is #きへん(木) and it means “wood.” The character that makes its つくり (the right side)  is not used in the Japanese language by itself but it has 羊 in it and that shows the sound ヨウ.
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