Today’s #kanji is 権, which is an informal variant of 權.權/権 is listed under its semantic element of #きへん(木), which suggests a connection with a tree. Its phonetic element is 雚, though 権 and 雚 don’t share a sound.

Meaning: weight, power
Reading: ケン、ゴン

権威(ケンイ): authority, power, influence, distinction
権限(ケンゲン): power, authority, competence, competency, jurisdiction
権利(ケンリ): a right (to do…), a claim, a privilege, a title
権力(ケンリョク): power, authority
棄権(キケン)する: to abstain from voting, to stay away from the polls; to renounce one’s rights (to …), to withdraw (from a contest)
主権(シュケン): sovereignty
人権(ジンケン): human rights, personal rights
全権(ゼンケン): full powers, absolute authority
選手権(センシュケン): a championship, a title, the crown

権化(ゴンゲ): (an) incarnation, (a) personification, (an) embodiment

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