Today’s #kanji is 横, which is listed under its semantic element of #きへん(木), which suggests a connection with a tree. Its phonetic element is 黄. 横’s original meaning is a bolt or a bar to lock a gate.

Meaning: side, horizontal
Reading: オウ、よこ

横行(オウコウ)する: to be rampant, to be widespread; to go sideeways; to walk around doing what one pleases
横断(オウダン)する: to cross, to traverse, to go across…
横着(オウチャク)な: lazy, work-shy; pushy, impudent, thick-skinned
横柄(オウヘイ)な: arrogant, contemptuous, patronizing
横暴(オウボウ)な: oppressive, artibrary, tyrannical, overbearing
縦横(ジュウオウ)に: vertically and horizontally; in all directions; freely, with great ease

縦横(たてよこ): length and width
横(よこ): the horizontal; the side

横にする: to lay … down
横になる: to lie down

横(よこ)顔(がお): a profile, a face in profile, a silhouette; a sketch
横(よこ)切(ぎ)る: to cross, to traverse, to go across

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