Meaning: correct, just

Reading: ショウ、セイ、ただ、まさ

正月(ショウガツ): New Year, new year’s holidays
正札(ショウふだ): ticket price, proper price
賀正(ガショウ): (I wish you a) Happy New Year (a greeting phrase for a new year’s card)


正確(セイカク)(な): accurate, precise
正当(セイトウ)(な): right(ful), fair
不正(フセイ)(な): dishonest, corrupt


正(ただ)しい: right, reasonable, proper
正(ただ)す: (v) correct, rectify


正(まさ)に: exactly, surely
正夢(まさゆめ): a dream which comes true, a prophetic dream

This kanji has 5 strokes, so when we count votes or similar, we write this kanji instead of 卌.
#正 is listed under the radical of #とめへん(止). Apparently 止 has a meaning of a foot and with 一 (one) added, 正 means to advance straight forward, from which the meaning of “correctness” developed.
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