Today’s #kanji is 歯 which makes its own radical of #はへん(歯). It used to be written as 齒. The bottom half which represents teeth in a mouth is its semantic element and the top half 止 is the phonetic element.


Meaning: teeth
Reading: シ、は(ば)

歯科医(カイ): a dentist, a dental surgeon (formal)
永久歯(エイキュウ): a permanent tooth, the second teeth
義歯(ギ): denture, false teeth
臼歯(キュウ): a molar
乳歯(ニュウ): a milk tooth, a baby tooth

歯(は): tooth, teeth
歯医者(いしゃ): a dentist, a dental surgeon (colloquial)
歯車(ぐるま): a gear wheel, a gear, a cogwheel
入(い)れ歯(ば): a false tooth, a denture, a plate
奥歯(おく): a molar, a back tooth (colloquial)
前歯(まえ/ゼン): a fore-tooth, a front tooth, an incisor

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