Today’s #kanji is 歳, which is listed under the radical of#とめへん(止). However, its semantic element is 歩 and phonetic element is 戉 though 歳 and 戉 don’t share a sound.


Meaning: year, age, etc.
Reading: サイ(ザイ)、セイ、とし*、とせ*

歳月(サイゲツ): n. time, years
歳時記(サイジキ): n. a table of annual events; 【Haiku poem】 a catalog of season-specific words used in composing haiku.
歳出(サイシュツ): n. annual expenditure
歳入(サイニュウ): n. annual revenue
歳末(サイマツ): n. the end of the year, the year-end
x歳(xサイ): n. x years old
万歳(バンザイ): int. banzai, hurray,

歳暮(セイボ): the end of the year; a year-end gift

difficult reading

歳徳神(としとくジン)/歳神(としがみ): n, 【Shinto】 the goddess of lucky directions
千歳(ちとせ): n. a thousand years, a millennium, eternity

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