Meaning: gas, spirit

Reading: キ、ケ(ゲ)

気候(コウ): climate
気体(タイ): a gas, a vapour
空気(クウ): air, the atmosphere
天気(テン): the weather
元気(ゲン)(な): healthy, lively
病気(ビョウ): illness, sickness
蒸気(ジョウ): vapour, steam
人気(ニン): popularity, public interest

人気(ひと): sense the presence of a person
塩気(しお): a salty taste

危(あぶ)な気()ない: safe, sure, secure
#気 is listed under the radical of #きがまえ(气), which is a pictograph for “steam rising up.”
気’s original version was 氣 with 米 (rice) inside and its original meaning was “rice to give away to people.” In 合気道 (aikido), 氣 is still used quite often.
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