Today’s second #kanji is #水. It has 4 strokes and it makes its own radical. When this radical is used as a へん (the left side), it loses a stroke and becomes さんずいへん(氵). When it is used as an あし (the bottom part), the left side stroke gets divided into two (so altogether 5 strokes) and becomes したみず(氺). 水 itself is a pictograph for  flowing water.

Meaning: water

Reading: スイ(ズイ)、みず

水曜日(スイヨウび): Wednesday
水上(スイジョウ)スキー: water-skiing
水平(スイヘイ)(な): horizontal, level, even
海水(カイスイ): seawater, brine

洪水(コウズイ): a flood, an inundation

水色(みずいろ): a sky blue, turquoise, a light blue
水玉(みずたま)模様(モヨウ): polka dots
水(みず)を飲(の)む: to drink water
水(みず)を差(さ)す: to pour water into…; to estrange, to alienate … from …, to discourage
水(みず)を向(む)ける: to try to draw … out, to fish for …


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