Today’s #kanji is 演, which is listed under its semantic element of #さんずいへん(氵). Its phonetic element is 寅 although 演 and 寅 do not share a sound.


Meaning: to spread, to enrich, to act, etc.
Reading: エン

演(エン)じる: to act (play), to perform
演技(エンギ): acting, performance
演劇(エンゲキ): drama, theatre, a theatrical performance
演習(エンシュウ): practice, an exercise
演出(エンシュツ): direction (of a performance), arrangement (of an event), etc.
開演(カイエン): the start of a performance, the raising of the curtain
共演(キョウエン): co-acting, costarring
講演(コウエン): a lecture, a talk, an address
実演(ジツエン): a demonstration, a presentation
上演(ジョウエン): a dramatic presentation, performance

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