Today’s #kanji is #点, which is listed under the radical of #れっか(灬) and it is an informal variant of 點. 黑 (black) is the semantic element of 點 and 占 is its phonetic element although 点/點 and 占 don’t share a sound. 占, however, has the meaning of “being fine/small”, so can you guess what 点/點 means?

Meaning: point, dot, drop, etc.
Reading: テン

点(テン): n. 1. a spot, a dot; 2. a mark, a grade; 3. the counter for goods/items; 4. a respect, a point of view
点火(テンカ)する: vt. to ignite, to light, to set off
点検(テンケン): n. inspection, examination, overhauling, checking
点数(テンスウ): n. 1. marks, points, a score; 2. the number of articles/items
点滴(テンテキ): n. drip-feed, instillation
点灯(テントウ)する: v. to switch on a light, to light up
点滅(テンメツ)する: vi. (for a light) to blink, to flash on and off
観点(カンテン): n. a point of view, a perspective
句読点(クトウテン): n. a punctuation mark. In Japanese, 句点(クテン)is 。(a full stop) and 読点(トウテン)is 、(a comma).
小数点(ショウスウテン): n. a decimal point

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