Today’s #kanji is 然. It is listed under its semantic element of #れっか(灬), which shows association with fire and its phonetic element is the top part which is a combination of 月(にくづき) and 犬. Its original meaning apparently was “broiling dog’s meat.”

Meaning: as it is, but, etc.
Reading: ゼン、ネン、しか*

依然(イゼン)として: still, as … as ever, as before
偶然(グウゼン): a coincidence, (an unusual, a strange) chance
自然(シゼン): nature, natural
全然(ゼンゼン): with ない, not at all, never
If it’s used in an affirmative sentence, it means totally, absolutely, extremely, etc.
当然(トウゼン): naturally, as a matter of course
必然(ヒツゼン): inevitability, necessity
平然(ヘイゼン)と: calmly, coolly, with composure

天然(テンネン)の: natural, unartificial, naturally occurring, spontaneous, wild, etc.
自然(ジネン)= 自然(シゼン) or 天然(テンネン)

Unofficial reading
然(しか)し: but, however, still, yet, etc.
然(しか)り: (archaic) Precisely!, Exactly!, Absolutely!

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