Today’s #kanji is #熱, which is made of its semantic element of #れっか(灬) and phonetic element of 埶 though 熱 and 埶 don’t have a sound in common in Japanese.

Meaning: heat
Reading: ネツ(ネッ)、あつ

熱愛(ネツアイ): [noun] passionate love, a strong attachment
熱気(ネッキ): [noun] hot air; a heated atmosphere, enthusiasm
熱血(ネッケツ): [noun] hot blood, fiery zeal, enthusiasm
熱情(ネツジョウ)[noun] burning passion, warmth of feeling
熱心(ネッシン): [なadj] enthusiastic, eager, zealous
熱帯(ネッタイ): [noun] the tropical zone, the tropics
熱中(ネッチュウ)する: [vi] to become enthusiastic (about…), to be mad (about…)
高熱(コウネツ): [noun] intense heat, (body’s) a high fever, a high temperature
情熱(ジョウネツ): [noun] passion, enthusiasm, passionate emotion

熱(あつ)い: [いadj] hot, heated; keen. 暑(あつ)い has the same sound and it is also translated as “hot”but 暑い is for an ambient temperature and does not have the meaning of “heated.”

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