Today’s #kanji is #現, which is listed under the radical of #たまへん(玉), although the actual radical is 王, and it is 現’s semantic element. Its phonetic element is 見, although 現 and 見 do not quite share the same sound.

Meaning: to appear, reality
Reading: ゲン、あらわ、うつつ*

現行(ゲンコウ)の: [noun + の] existing, present, current, in force, in operation
現在(ゲンザイ): [noun] the present time, now, as of…
現実(ゲンジツ): [noun] actuality, the actual, (a) reality, a fact of life
現代(ゲンダイ): [noun] the present day, modern times, today, our own day
現場(ゲンば/ゲンジョウ): [noun] the (actual) spot, the scene (of a crime), a job site
実現(ジツゲン)する: [vt] to realize, to full fill, to bring … to realization, to achieve
表現(ヒョウゲン)する: [vt] to express, to represent, to show

現(あらわ)す: [vt] to show, to expose, to reveal
現(あらわ)れる: [vi] to come out, to appear, to make one’s appearance, to be found

夢現(ゆめうつつ): [noun] the dream and the reality

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