meaning: rice field

reading: デン、た(だ)

田園(デンエン): (dry) fields and paddies
田地(デンチ): a rice field, rice-farming land
塩田(エンデン): a salt farm, a saltern
水田(スイデン): a rice paddy, an irrigated rice field
炭田(タンデン): a coal field

油田(ユデン): an oil field, a petroleum field

田(た): a rice field, a (rice) paddy
田んぼ(たんぼ): a rice paddy (colloquial)

棚田(たなだ): terraced rice fields

customary reading

田舎(いなか): a rural area, the country
#田 is a pictograph for farmland and it makes its own radical.
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