Meaning: town, block

Reading: チョウ、まち

町名(チョウメイ): the name of a town
町人(チョウニン): [historical] commoner, merchant, townspeople
町内(チョウナイ): the town, the street, the neighbourhood
町長(チョウチョウ): a town mayor
永田町(ながたチョウ): Nagatacho, the political area in Tokyo where the National Diet is located.
町(チョウ): (an old unit for area and length)

町家(チョウカ): a tradesman’s house, a town house

町(まち): a town, a block, a neighbourhood
町家(まちや): a tradesman’s house, a traditional townhouse
町中(まちジュウ): the whole neighbourhood
町中(まちなか): the downtown area, the central area of town
下町(したまち): the traditional shopping, entertainment, and residential districts of Tokyo

城下町(ジョウカまち): a castle town, the seat of a daimyo’s government

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