This week’s #kanji is 疲, which is listed under its semantic element of #やまいだれ(疒). Its phonetic element is 皮.

meaning: tired

reading: ヒ、つか(づか)

疲労(ロウ): fatigue, weariness, exhaustion, tiredness

金属(キンゾク)疲労(ロウ): metal fatigue

筋肉(キンニク)疲労(ロウ): muscular fatigue

疲労(ロウ)骨折(コッセツ): a stress fracture

疲(つか)れ: fatigue, tiredness, weariness, exhaustion

疲(つか)れ目(め): eyestrain

疲(つか)れる: to get/become tired, to become exhausted, to grow weary; to be worn out

暑(あつ)さに疲(つか)れる = to get tired from the heat
疲(つか)れる仕事(シゴト) = a wearisome/tiresome job

遊(あそ)び疲(つか)れる: to get tired of playing

気(き)疲(づか)れ: mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion

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