Meaning: one hundred

Reading: ヒャク(ヒャッ、ピャク、ピャ、ビャク、ビャ

百(ヒャク): 100 (one hundred)
三百(サンャク): 300 (three hundred)
百姓(ヒャクショウ): a farmer, a peasant, a farmhand
百貨店(ヒャッカテン): a department store (デパート is more common these days)
嘘八百(うそハッャク): a pack of lies, a complete fabrication.
八百万(ハッャクマン): 8,000,000 (eight million)

<Customary Reading>

百合(ゆり): a lily
八百屋(やおや): a greengrocer, a vegetable store
八百万(やおよろず)(の): countless, numberless, innumerable, myriads of…
百舌(鳥)(もず): a shrike, a butcher-bird
百足(むかで): a centipede

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