to win

to win

“To win” is not an easy word to translate into Japanese. First you need to work out what kind of “winning” you are talking about.

to win a race/match/election (⇔ to lose)

= xxx に/で (A)勝(か)つ

to win the championship/title

= xxx で (B)優勝(ゆうしょう)する

to win a prize (in an active competition)
= 賞品(しょうひん)を (C)獲得(かくとく)する

or 賞品(しょうひん)を (D)もらう or 得(え)る

to win a prize (in a lottery)

= 賞品(しょうひん)が (E)当(あ)たる

It is always good to remember the particle for each verb also.

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