Today’s #kanji is #皆, which is a compound ideograph between 比 and 白. 比 has the meaning of “to line up” and 白 has the meaning of “to state.” So can you guess what 皆 means?

Meaning: every… , altogether
Reading: カイ、みな

皆無(カイム): n. nil, none, nothing (at all)
皆目(カイモク): adv. completely, absolutely
悉皆(シッカイ): n. everything, all

皆(みな)さん: exp. everybody
皆(みな)で: exp. all together, one and all
皆(みな): n. everyone, everybody, all, everything – It is common to read it as みんな but strictly speaking みんな should be written in Hiragana.

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