Today’s #kanji is 煙, which is listed under its semantic element of #ひへん(火). Its phonetic element is 垔, although 煙 and 垔 don’t share a sound.

Meaning: smoke
Reading: エン、けむ
煙害(エンガイ): n. smoke pollution, damage caused by smoke
煙突(エントツ): n. a chimney, a smokestack
煙幕(エンマク): n. a smoke screen
喫煙(キツエン): n. smoking (tobacco)
禁煙(キンエン): n. No Smoking, giving up smoking

煙(けむ)い: いadj. (unpleasantly) smokey
煙(けむ)たい: いadj.

  1. = 煙い
  2. feel awkward, feel ill at ease, feel like staying away from …

煙(けむ)に巻(ま)く: to baffle, to mystify
煙(けむ)り/煙(けむり): n. smoke, fumes
煙(けむ)る: to give off a great deal of smoke, to be smoky, to smolder

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  • ひへん

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