Today’s first #kanji is #着. Some (online) kanji dictionaries list this under the radical of #ひつじ(𦍌) and others (my printed ones) list this under #め(目)- remember it’s #目, not 日.

Meaning: to adhere, to wear, the counter for clothes, can be used to indicate the order of arrival.

Reading: チャク、き(ぎ)、つ

着用(チャクヨウ)する: to wear, to have ~ on
着色(チャクショク)する: to colour, to tint, to paint
着席(チャクセキ)する: to take a seat, to sit down
到着(トウチャク)する: to arrive, to reach (the destination)


着る(る): to put ~ on
着物(もの): kimono (Japanese attire), clothes, garments
寝間着(ねま): nightclothes, a sleeping wear
上着(うわ): an upper garment, a jacket
下着(した): underwear, an undergarment


着く(く): to arrive, to reach, to touch
落ち着く(おちく): to calm down, to became stable, to settle down


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