Today’s #kanji is 石, which makes its own radical, #いしへん(石). 石 is a pictograph depicting a stone (口) which lies at the bottom of a cliff (厂).

Meaning: a stone, a rock
Reading: セキ、シャク(ジャク)、コク、いし

石板(セキバン): a slate, a stone slab
石油(セキユ): petroleum, kerosene
化石(カセキ): a fossil
岩石(ガンセキ): (a) rock, stones and rocks

石楠花(シャクナゲ): a rhododendron
盤石(バンジャク): a huge rock

石高(コクだか): [Japanese history] a (recognised) yield of rice crop
一石(イッコク): 180.39 litre (of rice)

石(いし): (a) stone, a pebble, a precious stone, a jewel
小石(こいし): a pebble, gravel

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