This week’s #kanji is #確, which is listed under its semantic element of #いしへん(石). Its phonetic element is 隺, which has the meaning of “being hard”, so what does 確 mean then?

Meaning: certain, solid
Reading: カク、たし

確実(カクジツ)(な): certain, sure, definite
確信(カクシン)する: to believe firmly, to be convinced
確定(カクテイ)する: to be confirmed, to become definite, to decide (on…), to settle
確認(カクニン)する: to confirm, to affirm, to check
確保(カクホ)する: to secure, to get hold of, to ensure
確立(カクリツ)する: to establish, to set up, to fi
正確(セイカク)(な): accurate, precise, exact
明確(メイカク)(な): clear and accurate, definite, well-defined

確(たし)か(な): sure, certain, reliable
確(たし)かめる: to check to authenticate, to ensure

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