Meaning: god, spirit

Reading: シン(ジン)、かみ(がみ)、かん、こう

神経(シンケイ): a nerve; neuron
神仏(シンブツ): the gods and Buddha; Shintoist and Buddhist deities
神聖(シンセイ)(な); sacred, holy
神社(ジンジャ): a Shinto shrine
精神(セイシン): mind, spirit, soul
天神(テンジン) the heavenly gods, the deified spirit of Sugawara Michizane.


神(かみ); a god, a deity
氏神(うじがみ): a local Shinto god

神主(かんぬし): a Shinto priest

神々(こうごう)しい: divine, heavenly, godly

This kanji is also used for the name of my favourite city, 神戸(こうべ).
#神 is made of #しめすへん(礻)and 申. しめすへん looks like the katakana ネ but it is a simplified form of the kanji 示, which depicts the table on which offerings to gods are placed, so ネ always indicates some association with gods and/or spirits. 申 is apparently a shape (?) of lightning and ancient people believed lightning with thunders is a god.
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