Meaning: private, me

Reading: シ、わたくし、わたし

私立(リツ)(の): private, non-government
私見(ケン): one’s personal view
私服(フク): civvies, plain clothes
私財(ザイ): private funds
私費(ヒ): private expense
私利私欲(ヨク): greed, self-interest
公私(コウ): public and private matters
公平無私(コウヘイム): fairness and impartiality, fair play
滅私奉公(メッホウコウ): selfless devotion to one’s country, sacrificing one’s personal interest to public good

私(わたし/わたくし): I, me
Also, there is a place called 私市(きさいち)in 交野(かたの)市 in 大阪府
#私 is made up of #のぎへん (禾)which shows association with “grains” and #ム which apparently means to enclose something to claim its ownership. That explains the meaning quite well.
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