しょちゅう, しょっちゅう, しょうちゅう

しょちゅう, しょっちゅう, しょうちゅう

The sentence in the picture: 暑中(しょちゅう)、しょっちゅう焼酎(しょうちゅう)を飲(の)みます means “I drink shouchuu frequently during the hot summer heat.”

In order to hear the difference, you should pay attention not only to the jumping and prolonged sounds but also the intonation.

しょっちゅう しょうちゅう を のみます。should be pronounced like:

しょちゅうしょっちゅう しょうちゅうをのみます。

Listen to the recording of the whole sentence:


during the hot summer heat




Japanese distilled spirit

By the way, although I used the word 暑中(しょちゅう) in this sentence, it is not usually used in this kind of context. The typical occasion to use that word is in 暑中見舞い(しょちゅうみまい), a season’s greeting in the middle of a summer. People often send a card with a message, 暑中お見舞い申し上げます(しょちゅうおみまいもうしあげます) between the end of 梅雨(つゆ, rainy season) and the first week of July.

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