Today’s #kanji is #程, which is listed its semantic element of #のぎへん(禾). Its phonetic element is 呈. 禾 is for “grains” and 呈 has the same meaning as 第, an ordinal. So its original meaning was to grade grains.

Meaning: an extent, a degree, a measure
Reading: テイ、ほど

程度(テイド): [noun] degree, (an) extent
音程(オンテイ): [noun] a musical interval
i.g. 音程が狂(くる)っている: to be out of tune, to be off key
過程(カテイ): [noun] process
課程(カテイ): [noun] a course, a curriculum
行程(コウテイ): [noun] distance, a journey, an itinerary, a stroke (of a piston)
工程(コウテイ): [noun] the progress of work, a process of manufacture
日程(ニッテイ): [noun] a day’s timetable, a daily routine, the calendar
方程式(ホウテイシキ): [noun] an equation; a conditional equation

程(ほど): [noun] an extent, a degree, a measure, a limit, the state of an affair, a distance
程々(ほどほど)に: [adv] moderately, within bounds

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