Today’s #kanji is 種, which is listed under its semantic element of #のぎへん(禾), Its phonetic element is 重 although 種 and 重 don’t exactly share a sound.


Meaning: seeds, kinds, etc.
Reading: シュ(ジュ)、たね(だね)

種子(シュシ): a seed
種々(シュジュ)の: various, all sorts of, a variety of
種族(シュゾク): an ethnic group, a race, a species
雑種(ザッシュ): a mixed breed, a crossbred
人種(ジンシュ): a (human) race
接種(セッシュ): (an) inoculation, (a) vaccination
同種(ドウシュ)の: of the same kind, of the same family
品種(ヒンシュ): a kind, a sort, a variety

種(たね)まき: sowing, seeding, planting rice seeds
変(か)わり種(だね): a novelty, an exception, something out of the ordinary

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