Today’s #kanji is 積, which is listed under its semantic element of #のぎへん(禾). Its phonetic element is 責.

Meaning: to pile up, the product (mathematics), etc.
Reading: セキ(セッ)、つ(づ)

積(セキ): 【mathematics】 the product
積極的(セッキョクテキ)な: positive, active, aggressive
積雪(セキセツ): (fallen) snow
体積(タイセキ): (cubic) volume, capacity
蓄積(チクセキ): accumulation
面積(メンセキ): (an) area, square measure, size (of land)
累積(ルイセキ): accumulation, cumulation

積(つ)む: vt. to pile up, to heap; to load (a truck with…), to ship; to accumulate, to acquire
積(つ)もる: vi. (for something) to accumulate, to pile up
山(やま)積(づ)み: a large pile

  • のぎへん

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