Today’s #kanji is 窓, which is listed under its semantic element of #あなかんむり(穴), which means a hole. 窓 used to be written as 窗 and 囱 is its phonetic element. 窓 used to be considered an informal version of 窗.

Meaning: a window
Reading: ソウ、まど

学窓(ガクソウ): an academy, an educational institution, a school
車窓(シャソウ): a car/train/bus window
船窓(センソウ/ふなまど): a porthole
同窓(ドウソウ): a person who went to the same school/university as one

同窓会ドウソウカイ; an alumni association, an alumni reunion

窓(まど): a window, an aperture
窓口(まどぐち): a window, a wicket, a counter
窓辺(まどべ): near/by the window
窓枠(まどわく): a window frame, a sash
出窓(でまど): a bow window, a bay window
天窓(てんまど): a skylight, a roof-light window

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