Today’s #kanji is 箱, which is listed under its semantic element of #たけかんむり(竹). Its phonetic element is but I have never used any words with 箱’s onyomi reading.

Meaning: a box
Reading: はこ(ばこ)

箱(はこ): a box, a case, a crate, a carton; a railway carriage, an elevator
箱(はこ)入(い)り娘(むすめ): an innocent girl of a good family, a naive girl who knows nothing of the world
箱(はこ)買(が)い: buying in bulk, bulk purchasing
お払(はら)い箱(ばこ): dismissal, dumping, scrapping

お払い箱にする: to dismiss, to send packing, to give the axe to
お払い箱になる: to be dismissed, to be fired
つぎはお払い箱だぞ。You will get fired next time you do it.

空箱(からばこ): an empty box
ごみ箱(ばこ): a trash ca, a garbage box, a lietter box
重箱(ジュウばこ): stacked boxees, a picnic box

重箱み: a mixed reading of a kanji compound with the first character having a Chinese reading (onyomi) and the second a Japanese reading (kunyomi).

豚箱(ぶたばこ): a jail cell, a lockup
筆箱(ふでばこ): a pencil case, a brush box
本箱(ホンばこ): a bookcase
Cf. 本棚ホンだな: a bookshelf

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