Today’s #kanji is 米, which makes its own radical of #こめへん(米). One theory says it is a pictograph depicting a spike of a plant. Another theory says it is a logogram made of 十 (plant) and 4 lines depicting its grains.


Meaning: rice, meter, America
Reading: ベイ、マイ、こめ(ごめ)

米国(ベイコク): (the United States of) America. If we write アメリカ in Kanji, we use the characters, 亜利加. The first letter 亜 is used for Asia, 亜細亜, so we use the second letter 米 for the US.
米穀(ベイコク): rice (as grain)
米寿(ベイジュ): one’s 88th birthday. 八十八, 88 in Kanji, if written vertically, looks like 米.
欧米(オウベイ): Europe and North America; the West. Europe is shortened as 欧州(オウシュウ) in Kanji.
平米(ヘイベイ): a square meter

玄米(ゲンマイ): brown rice, unpolished rice
新米(シンマイ): 1. new rice, the first rice of the year 2. a beginner, a novice, a newcomer
白米(ハクマイ): polished rice

(お)米(こめ): (hulled, uncooked) rice
もち米(ごめ): glutinous rice

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