This week’s #kanji is 精, which is made of its semantic element of #こめへん(米) and phonetic element of 靑 (an older version of 青). This kanji has 2 onyomi readings only.

Meaning: pure, selected, soul
Reading: セイ、ショウ

精神(セイシン): mind, spirit; an intention; the spirit
精度(セイド): precision, accuracy
精読(セイドク)する: to read carefully, to peruse
精米(セイマイ): rice milling; polished rice
精密(セイミツ)(な): precise, exact; minute, close, detailed, thorough
精力(セイリョク): energy, vigor, vitality
妖精(ヨウセイ): a fairy, a sprite, an elf

精進(ショウジン): diligence, devotion, close application; (religious) purification
不精/無精(ブショウ)(な): lazy, idle, slothful

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