Today’s second #kanji is #終. It’s made of いとへん(糸) and 冬.

冬(ふゆ/winter) is the last season of the year, so it can mean the end??

Meaning: to end

Reading: シュウ(ジュウ)、お、しま*、つい*

終始(シュウシ): from beginning to end, all along, throughout
終止(シュウシ): an end, a stop, termination
終点(シュウテン): the terminus, the last stop, the end of the line
終電(シュウデン): the last train (of the day)
最終(サイシュウ)(の): the last

始終(シジュウ): from start to finish, from first to last

終える(える): to finish (something), to complete (a transitive verb)

終わる(わる): (for something) to end, to come to an end (an intransitive verb)

お終い(おしまい): an end, a close, completion

終(つい)の棲家(すみか): one’s final home, one’s home after death

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