Today’s #kanji is 経, which is listed under its semantic element of #いとへん(糸), which suggests a connection with fiber or textile. 経 is a simplified version of 經. Its phonetic element is 巠. 圣 does not share a sound with 経.

Meaning: a path, the warp (weaving)
Reading: ケイ、キョウ、へ

経緯(ケイイ): longitude and latitude; the warp and the weft, length and breadth; details, particulars, (the) circumstances
経営(ケイエイ): management, administration (of a business), operation, running (of a school)
経験ケイケン): experience
経済(ケイザイ): economy, economics, finance
経理(ケイリ): accounting, administration of money
月経(ゲッケイ): menstruation, menses
神経(シンケイ): a nerve, neuron; sensitivity; worry

経典(キョウテン): the Scripture(s), a sacred bonk, sacred writing
仏経(ブッキョウ): (the) Buddhist sutras, Buddhist scriptures
Cf. 仏教(ブッキョウ): Buddhism

経(へ)る: to pass, to elapse, to go by; to experience, to undergo; to go through

  • いとへん

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