Today’s #kanji is 給, which is listed under its semantic element of #いとへん(糸), which suggests a connection with fiber or textile. Its phonetic element is , although 給 and 合 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: to grant, to provide
Reading: キュウ、たま*

給仕(キュウジ): service at table, a waitperson (old fashioned)
給食(キュウショク): provision of meals, mostly provided lunches at school
給付(キュウフ)する: to make a presentation, to grant, to pay (a benefit)
給油(キュウユ)する: to refuel, to fill up
月給(ゲッキュウ): monthly pay, one’s monthly wages
支給(シキュウ)する: to provide, to supply, to issue
自給(ジキュウ)する: to support oneself, to supply one’s own needs
補給(ホキュウ)する: to supply, to replenish, to supplement

給(たま)わる: to be granted, to be conferred, to be presented (from somebody high above)

  • いとへん

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