Today’s #kanji is 絶, which is listed under its semantic element of #いとへん(糸), which suggests a connection with fiber or textile. 絶 is made of 糸, 刀 and 卪 and 卪 seems to be 絶’s phonetic element. 絶 means to cut (卪) a thread (糸) with a sword(刀).

Meaning: to cut off, to eradicate, etc.
Reading: ゼツ(ゼッ)、た

絶縁(ゼツエン)する: to break with, to disengage, to insulate, to isolate
絶叫(ゼッキョウ)する: to scream, to cry out, to shout at the top of one’s voice
絶交(ゼッコウ)する: to break off relations (with…), to sever (one’s) links (with …)
絶賛(ゼッサン)する: to praise … highly, to rave about …
絶対(ゼッタイ): absoluteness
絶望(ゼツボウ)する: to despair, to lose hope, to loose heart
拒絶(キョゼツ)する: to refuse, to reject, to decline, to turn down

絶(た)える: (vi) to cease to exist, to disappear; to be discontinued
絶(た)つ: (vt) to cut off, to sever
絶(た)やす: (vt) to eradicate, to exterminate, to allow … to run out

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