Today’s #kanji is 緒, which is listed under its semantic element of #いとへん(糸), which suggests a connection with fiber or textile. 緒 was originally written as 緖 and 者(者) is its phonetic element though 緖 and 者 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: an end of a thread, the beginning
Reading: ショ、チョ、お

緒言(ショゲン/チョゲン): an introduction, an introductory chapter; a preface, a foreword
緒戦(ショセン/チョセン): the beginning of a war, an early stage in a match
緒論(ショロン/チョロン): an introduction, an introductory part
一緒(イッショ): one lump, one mixture, nondiscrimination
内緒(ナイショ): secrecy, privacy
由緒(ユイショ): a history, an origin

情緒(ジョウチョ/ジョウショ): emotion, feeling, atmosphere, spirit
心緒(シンチョ/シンショ): emotion, the mind
緒(チョ/ショ): the beginning, the inception

緒(お): a cord, a strap, a tape; a koto string
へその緒(お): an umbilical cord

  • いとへん

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