Today’s #kanji is #美, which is listed under #ひつじ(羊). It is apparently a compound ideograph and its original meaning was a fat, big sheep. Umm, I wonder if this kanji was formed in Australia where there are more sheep than people?

Meaning: beautiful
Reading: ビ、うつく

美(ビ): [noun] beauty, grace, charm
美化(カ): [noun] beautification, glorification, glamorization
美術(ジュツ): [noun] art, fine art
美人(ジン): [noun] a beautiful woman, a pretty girl
美徳(トク): [noun] a virtue, a noble attribute
美容(ヨウ): [noun] beauty culture, cosmetics, aesthetics
華美(カ): [なadj] splendid, magnificent; showy, luxurious
賛美(サン): [noun] praise, glorification
褒美(ホウ): [noun] a reward, a prize

美(うつく)しい: [いadj] beautiful, pretty, attractive, good-looking

In names, it’s often pronounced as み.
美濃(の)- a place name
美奈子(なこ) – a girls’s name
弘美(ひろ) – a girl’s name

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