Today’s #kanji is #背, which is made of its semantic element of #にくづき(月) and phonetic element of 北, although 背 and 北 don’t share a sound. Here 北 represents a shape of 2 people standing back to back apparently, which makes it easy for us to associate the character with its meaning. Do you know what it is?

Meaning: back, to turn against …
Reading: ハイ、せ(ぜ)、せい、そむ

背景(ハイケイ): n. a background, a backdrop; a setting; the background, the context
背後(ハイゴ): n. the back, the rear; an unobserved position, behind the scenes
背任(ハイニン): n. bleach of trust, malpractice; misappropriation
光背(コウハイ): a halo, an aureole

背(せ): n. the back; stature, height; a ridge (of a mountain)
背中(なか): n. a person’s/a/the back, the back
猫背(ねこ): n. a stoop, a humpback, a hunchback, round shoulders

背(せい)比(くら)べ: n. seeing which is taller

背(そむ)く: vi. to disobey, to act (against… ); to turn one’s back (on…), to relinquish
背(そむ)ける: vt. to turn one’s face away (from…), to look away

  • つき
  • つきへん
  • にくづき

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