Today’s #kanji is #腹, which is made of its semantic element of #にくづき(月) and phonetic element of 复. 复 has a meaning of “to cover.”

Meaning: the abdomen, guts
Reading: フク(プク)、はら(ばら)

腹心(フクシン): n. a person’s confidant,a person’s trusted friend
空腹(クウフク): n. an empty stomach, hunger
山腹(サンプク): n. a hillside, a mountainside, the side of a mountain
満腹(マンプク): n. a full stomach, satiety
立腹(リップク): n. anger, offense, wrath

腹(はら): n. the abdomen; the stomach; (an) intention, guts; the womb
腹(はら)切(き)り: n. harakiri, seppuku (切腹), suicide by disembowelment
腹(はら)黒(ぐろ)い: いadj. scheming, treacherous, malicious
腹(はら)違(ちが)いの: born of a different mother
脇腹(わきばら): n. a person’s side, the flank

  • つき
  • つきへん
  • にくづき

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