Today’s second #kanji is #自. It has one more stroke than #白 (white), but these two characters are not related. Apparently 自 comes from 鼻 which is a pictograph for a “nose.”

Meaning: self

Reading: ジ、シ、みずか、おの

自分(ジブン): self, oneself, one’s self
自由(ユウ): freedom, liberty
自動車(ジドウシャ): a car, a motor car, aan automobile
自白(ハク): confession
自立(リツ): independence, self-reliance
独自(ドク)(の): original, individual, peculiar, unique
出自(シュツ): a person’s origin/roots/background

自然(ゼン/ネン): nature
自(みずか)ら: oneself

<difficult reading>
自(おのずか)ら/自(おの)ずから: naturally, as a matter of course, by itself

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