Today’s #kanji is 船, which is listed under its semantic element of #ふねへん(舟). Its phonetic element is 㕣 although 船 and 㕣 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: ship
Reading: セン、ふね(ぶね)、ふな

船員(センイン): a/the crew (of a ship), a seaman
船長(センチョウ): a captain, the master (of a ship), a master mariner
船頭(センドウ): a boatman, a skipper, a ferryman
船舶(センパク): a vessel, a ship, a boat, (collective) shipping
客船(キャクセン): a passenger ship, a passenger liner
漁船(ギョセン): a fishing vessel, a fishing craft
風船(フウセン): a balloon

船(ふね): a boat, a vessel, a ship
舟(ふね) is usually used for a small boat people need to row.
釣(つ)り船(ぶね): a fishing boat

船(ふな)酔(よ)い: seasickness

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