Today’s #kanji is #良, which is listed under #うしとら(艮). There seems to be a few theory regarding how this character is formed. Some say it’s a pictograph and others say it’s made of its semantic and phonetic elements, where the semantic element is a simplified form of 畗(富) and the phonetic element is a form of 亡 although 良 and 亡 do not share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: good
Reading: リョウ、よ(い)

良案(リョウアン): [noun] a good idea, a good plan
良医(リョウイ): [noun] a good doctor, a skilled physician
良心(リョウシン): [noun] conscience, the inner voice
改良(カイリョウ): [noun] an improvement, (a) reform
最良(サイリョウ)の: [noun + の] best, most excellent, ideal
不良(フリョウ): [noun] badness, inferiority; delinquent
優良(ユウリョウ): [なadj] superior, excellent

良(よ/い)い: [いadj] good, excellent, fine, right, etc.
仲(なか)良(よ)し: [noun] a close friend, a playmate, a chum

奈良(な): place name

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