Today’s #kanji is #若, which is a compound ideograph between #くさかんむり(艹) and 右. That suggests this kanji describes the action of picking leaves with your right hand. So what does that mean then?

Meaning: young, if, etc.
Reading: ジャク(ジャッ)、ニャク、わか、も

若干(ジャッカン): [noun] a (small) number (of…), a few
若年(ジャクネン): [noun] youth, an early age, juvenility
若輩(ジャクハイ): [noun] a young person, a youngster; a novice, an inexperienced person

老若男女(ロウニャクナンニョ): [noun] men and women of all ages
老若男女を問(と)わず: irrespective of age or sex
般若(ハンニャ): [Buddhism] knowledge of the quintessential truth of existence
般若の面(メン): a Noh mask of a horned female demon

若(わか)い: [i-adj] young, youthful (not for children): younger, junior; lively, spirited; immature
若(わか)さ: [noun] youth, youthfulness
若葉(わかば): [noun: young leaves, young foliage
若者(わかもの): a young person, a youngster, the youth

若(も)しくは: [conj] or, either…or, otherwise

若葉マーク=初心者マーク: a novice driver’s plate

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