Today’s #kanji is 草, which is listed under its semantic element of #くさかんむり(艹), which is a simplified version of 艸. Its phonetic element is 早. Originally 草 meant an acorn, and くさ was written as 艸.

Meaning: grass, a weed, start, shabby, etc.
Reading: ソウ(ゾウ)、くさ(ぐさ)

草案(ソウアン): a (rough) draft
草稿(ソウコウ): a draft, notes, a manuscript
草木(ソウモク/くさき): trees and plants, vegetation
草履(ゾウリ): zori, Japanese sandals
香草(コウソウ): a fragrant herb
水草(スイソウ/みずくさ): a water plant, a hydrophyte
薬草(ヤクソウ): a medicinal herb

草(くさ): grass, a wild plant, vegetation
忘(わす)れな草(ぐさ): 【plant】 a forget-me-not

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