Today’s #kanji is 表, which is listed under its semantic element of #ころも(衣), which shows connection with clothing. 表 used to be written differently and its phonetic element is 毛, fur

Meaning: surface, outside, to appear, a table
Reading: ヒョウ(ピョウ)、おもて、あらわ

表記(ヒョウキ): writing, expression in writing
表現(ヒョウゲン)する: to express, to represent, to show
表示(ヒョウジ)する: to indicate, to show, to display
表情(ヒョウジョウ): an expression, a look
表面(ヒョウメン): a surface, a top; appearances
代表(ダイヒョウ): representation, a representative, a rep, an agent; exemplification, a typical example
表(ヒョウ): a table, a list, a chart

表(おもて): (↔うら) the front (side), the surface, the right side ; the side facing the street; outside, outdoors

表(あらわ)す: to indicate, o display, to show, to disclose, to express, (for a sign) to represent, to symbolize

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  • ころもへん

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