Today’s #kanji is 談, which is listed under its semantic element of #ごんべん(言), which suggests a connection with language or communication. Its phonetic element is 炎 although 談 and 炎 don’t quite share a sound.


Meaning: to talk
Reading: ダン

談義(ダンギ): a discussion, a discourse, a talk; a lecture, a lesson, a sermon
談合(ダンゴウ)する: to rig a bid, to collude, to agree (illegally) in advance
談笑(ダンショウ)する: to chat, to have a pleasant talk
談(ダン)じる: to talk about… to discuss
談判(ダンパン)する: to negotiate, to confer, to push hard (for…)
談話(ダンワ): (a) talk, a dialogue; an informal expression of opinion, off-the-cuff remarks; discourse
縁談(エンダン): marriage talk, an offer of marriage
会談(カイダン): talks, a conference, a parley
雑談(ザツダン)する: to chat, to have a chat, to gossip
冗談(ジョウダン): a joke, a jest, fun, humour

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