Today’s #kanji is #貧, which is made of its semantic element of 貝 (representing money, wealth) and phonetic element of 分, though 貧 and 分 don’t share a sound in Japanese. It’s listed under the radical of #かい.

Meaning: poor
Reading: ヒン、ピン、ビン、まず

貧血(ヒンケツ): [noun] (medical) anaemia
貧困(ヒンコン): [noun] poverty, need, want
貧弱(ヒンジャク): [なadj] poor, meager, scanty, shabby
貧富(ヒンプ): [noun] wealth and poverty, (the) rich and (the) poor
貧民(ヒンミン): [noun] poor people, poverty-striken people, the poor
極貧(ゴクヒン): [noun] extreme poverty, destitution
赤貧(セキヒン): [noun] extreme poverty, destitution

素寒貧(スカンピン)の [noun + の] penniless, destitute

貧乏(ビンボウ): [noun] poverty, want, destitution

貧(まず)しい: [いadj] poor, needy, indigent, destitute

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