Meaning: foot

Reading: ソク(ゾク)、あし、た

足跡(ソクセキ、あしあと):  a foot print, a foot mark
頭寒足熱(ズカンソクネツ): keeping one’s head cool and one’s feet warm
ご足労(ソクロウ): the trouble of coming over
知足(チソク): contentment
一足(イッソク): a pair (of shoes/ socks)

満足(マンゾク): satisfaction, gratification

足(あし): a foot, feet
足(あし)が出(で)る: exceed the budget


足(た)し算(ザン): addition
足(た)りる:be sufficient, saffice

My dictionary says #足 is a pictograph. 口 part is the knee and the rest is the part below it (I can’t really picture it, can you?). 足 makes its own radical but when this radical is used as a へん (the left part), the last 2 strokes change their angle and it looks like 𧾷.
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    […] is listed under its semantic element of #あしへん(𧾷), which is of course related to 足. Its phonetic element is 各 but 路 and 各 don’t share a […]

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